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Ken Jansen is a freelance Graphic Designer and Marketing Coordinator

As packaging companies continually respond to creating less of an environmental impact,
manufacturers have responsibly added cellulose fibres into plastic substrates, creating a material that dissolves once water is added.

Future ideas are unlimited as current applications include: packaging, welding products, design templates, and decals.

Promotional business card video created with iPhone, and edited using Adobe Premiere.

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Fine art in the age of low/high tech - Mid 1980's desktop publishing transformed the design industry from mechanical into digital and rapidly excelled methods of creating artwork for the printing industry.

Image reference and production for illustrators and graphic designers now includes on-line stock image websites. Two decades ago, an instant Polaroid photo was a quick method of image reference, that smartphones and digital cameras have since replaced.

This abstract landscape image was created at a local Canadian art museum.

Printed using a styrofoam tray, pencil, and acrylic paint, the design was drawn into the styrofoam, one colour of paint was applied in layers, and pressed using a plastic spoon over the paper. The final results may look like a colourful mush, however there is satisfaction in making this by hand - without a digital device

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Make your life creative

by Ken Jansen

In today's DIY culture, lifestyle television provides instructions for completing home renovation projects. These programs provide useful tips for many enthusiasts who are inspired to renovate, fix and repair their living spaces. You may first be inspired to begin a build project by familiarizing yourself with using hand-held power tools. Perhaps begin by using electric drills and assembling store bought furniture. With some success, your next step may involve attempts to modify existing furniture or create new items. Your projects should be fun and rewarding.

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